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Build your own GPT Research Model!

Since 2015, we have been delivering exceptional research outputs and data driven insights for our global-based clients. Through the advent of Generative AI and especially ChatGPT, Direct Research Korea is proud to announce our latest service - Dr. K's Persona Chat Service - your personalized GPT-model!

dr.k persona service gpt

Service Overview

Dr. K's Deep Chat Service offers innovative analysis solutions to market research professionals by developing Custom GPT models based on clients' qualitative analysis data. This service enables comprehensive and integrated market analysis through high-speed data processing, the integration of diverse language and regional data, and the combination with various market research methodologies. Researchers can gain in-depth insights for quick market trend identification, complex global market understanding, and the development of tailored marketing strategies. Furthermore, sophisticated consumer profiling allows for functions such as the development of buyer personas, assisting companies in optimizing their market launch strategies.

Custom Service Steps

1. Data Collection: Information is gathered from various sources including market trends, consumer behavior, and customer reviews.

2. Data Organization: Collected data is structured and organized into a format suitable for analysis.

3. Data Training: Data is fed into various GPT models to ensure accurate and insightful responses.

4. Data Validation and Comparison: The performance of the developed GPT models is validated and compared to yield optimal results.

5. Client Training and Delivery: The developed Custom GPT is delivered to the client, and effective usage methods are taught.

Client/Researcher's Benefits

- Diverse Data Processing and Analysis: Rapidly processes and analyzes a vast amount of text data to provide deep insights into consumer behavior and market trends.

- Integration with Market Research Methodologies: Enables comprehensive and holistic market analysis through the combination of various methodologies.

- Sophisticated Consumer Persona Realization: Provides detailed consumer profiles necessary for tailored marketing strategies and product development through the development of buyer personas.

Dr. K's Persona Chat Service becomes a valuable asset for companies aiming to predict consumer needs and preferences, customize product features, and optimize market launch strategies. With this service, clients can maintain competitiveness and accelerate growth in the market by utilizing high-speed data processing and analysis, integrated analysis of diverse language and regional data, and sophisticated consumer profiling.

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