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[Education] The core value of public education will be social skill development in 2021.

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

The Seoul metropolitan government* conducted a survey of 1,000 parents having their kids aged below 14 years old. It is about the kid's education and lifestyle change during the pandemic. Coincidently, the Pew Research Center conducted a survey with a similar survey with K-12. So, I will compare some of the results with the Pew's outputs.

Parents squeezed more time to secure extra time for their kids. And, the mother contributed more than the father to secure the care time.

Due to the long pandemic, parents now worry more about kid's social development than protecting them from the COVID19. This is also aligned with Pew's output*. The left-hand chart is from the Seoul metropolitan government while the right-hand chart is from the Pew.

The pandemic created a new term like 'Corona Blue' since people cannot enjoy outdoor activities freely but have to spend more time indoors.

22.6% of parents answered their kids feel unrest and unhappy in their emotions, while 43.2% of parents feel unrest and unhappy. For the survey, only parents took it and evaluated it with their perspective. We cannot judge or compare directly the figures, but in fact, kids stay longer with their parents. There is a study telling the more kids can feel safe the longer they stay with their parents.

Pew Research Center tried to look more about the widening the gap in education by household income. There is a similar output in our study. Parents concern about it, however, our respondents are parents with kids aged below 14 years. The parents more care about kid's growth mentally and physically rather than education. Additionally, private education is very popular in Korea across all levels of the household segment. So, it will not be directly comparable.

There some commons concerns aspects between the two research outputs. One is a significant increase in screen time. Kids use their tablets or smartphone both ways of studying and non-studying. They are vulnerable to the over usage and misuse. Their increased time of staying alone is also a problem. Around half of the households in Seoul are dual-income families. The extra unsupervised time may lead kids to use more screens. The left-hand chart is from the Seoul metropolitan government while the right-hand chart is from the Pew.

The above points are dealt with in a conference held by the Seoul government on the 27th of October, 2020.

Our kids started to go back to school every day last week. We see some cases happening in the school now, but now many yet. We are afraid of the COVID19, we also have to provide education and social skill development opportunity to our kids.

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