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Digital marketing research helps you address business issues and develop optimal strategies by identifying market directions and leading growth opportunities.

Market Intelligence

Simple desk research to be answered quickly

Market environment research for start-ups

Market Intelligence(company internal information)

Market(store) Test & Penetration

Quick consumer feedback before penetration into Korea

Shelf test in a limited number of stores

Direct Resource

Expo and Fair Support in Korea

Market research related document translation(guideline, screener, product profile)

Translated document validation

Business to Business meeting arrangement

Direct coordination in Korea



Online Qual-Board

Online Survey (by Smartphone & PC)

Focus Group Discussion / IDI

Face to Face / CATI

CLT / Gang

Home Visit / Shop-Along / Exit Interview

Mystery Shopping / Service Audit

Areas of Research



IT, gaming, cloud, server, developers

Retailers, data security, CRM

Automobile, vehicle, mechanic, oil, garage, sales

Bank, Insurance, Credit card

Chemical, Petroleum, Construction, Refiner, Solar Panel

Pharm/Healthcare, Manufacturers, Patients



Entertainment, Movie, Music​

Lifestyles, Beauty, Fashion


New Service Test, UI/UX

Consumer Packaged Goods

Sensory test, Perfume, Coffee

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