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Why Japanese Cosmetic Companies are Focusing on the Korean Market: In-depth Market Research and Global Strategy

In late 2023, a group of about 20 researchers from Japan, Singapore, and Korea gathered to gain a deeper understanding of Korean consumers. Direct Research Korea smoothly conducted extensive consumer surveys for various brands over a two-week period, showcasing their expertise in handling large-scale consumer studies.

Understanding Consumer Preferences and Trends

The sophisticated and diverse preferences of Korean consumers towards beauty products provide important insights for Japanese companies in developing new products and establishing marketing strategies. This understanding is crucial for competing in the global market.

Enhancing Competitiveness

The Korean market is innovative and highly competitive. By understanding and adapting to the trends of this market, Japanese companies can strengthen their global competitiveness.

Cultural Influence and the Power of Hallyu

The global spread of Hallyu (Korean Wave) has a significant impact on the beauty industry. If Japanese companies capture these trends and reflect them in their products, they can increase their chances of success in various markets.

The Research Guide

The research is composed of the following sessions:

  1. Introduction Session: This focuses on participants getting to know each other and creating a comfortable atmosphere. Understanding the purpose and direction of the research is crucial.

  2. Consciousness About Skincare and Cleansing: This explores the participants' perceptions and attitudes towards skincare and cleansing. This provides valuable data for understanding current market trends and consumer demands.

  3. History of Cleansing Products Used: Participants share their experiences with past and present cleansing products. This helps to understand the criteria consumers use to choose products.

  4. Experience with Current Cleansing Product Brands: Participants discuss their personal experiences with the cleansing product brands they are currently using. This helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the products.

  5. Mapping/Grouping Exercise: Participants' opinions are categorized and grouped by theme. This helps to clarify and specify the research findings.

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