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[Gaming] Inside South Korea: The Home of E-Sports

Updated: Sep 5, 2023


Did you know that South Korea is recognized as the home of e-sports? Yes, it is true! In fact, South Korea is widely known for its gaming culture and dominating presence in the e-sports arena worldwide. Around the world, as the pandemic set in, stay-at-home culture increased and so did the consumption of mobile and console games.

Let's take a sneak peek at the gaming structure of South Korea.

1. PC bangs: The 'Computer Room'

The rise of e-sports can largely be attributed to computer gaming centers popularly known as PC bangs in South Korea. PC gamers in the country meet up in these facilities to play multiplayer games. It is equipped with super fast internet, high end-PCs, low hourly fare, and a wide variety of snacks and meals to choose from - delivered at your desk - so you never have to stop playing!


2. Organized Gaming: The success of multiplayer games

With more than 25,000 PC bangs in the country, it was only a matter of time before Koreans would dominate the global e-sports arena. The Government of Korea took note and founded the KeSPA or the Korea E-Sports Association in the year 2000. Not only an association, but Korea built its first e-sports stadium in 2005.

3. Mobile gaming on the rise

Half of the South Korean gaming industry is represented via mobile gaming. Though 58% of the gaming population engages in PC gaming, almost all play some form of game on their smartphones. South Korea is one country that continually accepts all technological innovations and it is unlikely that this trend will dip.

Still curious about the e-sports culture in Korea! Watch this video!

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