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Korea’s Luxury Eyewear ‘Gentle Monster’ Goes Global

Key Takeaways for Companies Entering the Luxury Goods Space in Korea

1. Cultural Alignment: Adapt products and strategies to resonate with Korean cultural preferences.

2. K-pop Influence: Collaborate with K-pop stars for heightened brand recognition and emotional connection.

3. Immersive Retail: Invest in unique, immersive retail experiences to attract Korean consumers.

4. Tech-Savvy Appeal: Integrate tech features to cater to Korea's tech-savvy consumer base.

5. Localized Approach: Customize marketing strategies for different demographics and regions within Korea.


Korea's Luxury Eyewear, Gentle Monster, founded in 2011 by Hankook Kim, has emerged as a powerhouse in the luxury eyewear industry, transcending geographical boundaries to captivate fashion enthusiasts globally. This South Korean brand has not only found favor among A-list celebrities like Rihanna, Billie Eilish, and Beyoncé but has strategically expanded its presence in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and America. The brand's fusion of avant-garde design, celebrity collaborations, and immersive retail experiences has propelled it to unprecedented success.

Beyonce in Gentle Monster Eyewear

Celebrity Endorsements and Collaborations

Gentle Monster's allure extends beyond its stylish frames. Renowned personalities like Tilda Swinton, Jun Ji-hyun, and K-pop sensation Blackpink's Jennie have been spotted donning its eyewear. The brand has strategically collaborated with artists and designers, including Alexander Wang, Kris Wu, and Jennie from Blackpink, reinforcing its commitment to blending fashion with artistic innovation. In 2019, Gentle Monster delved into the realm of smart eyewear through a partnership with Chinese tech giant Huawei, creating glasses integrated with voice features and touch controls, showcasing its dedication to cutting-edge technology.

Transformative Store Experiences

Gentle Monster's foray into the retail space is nothing short of revolutionary. The brand has transformed its stores into immersive cultural experiences. Gentle Monster’s London ‘KUNG FU’ Store evolves from a tribe of extra-terrestrial creatures inspired by the practice of KUNG FU from Earth. The store captures various scenes in action, such as creatures training martial arts at the waterfalls. ‘KUNGFU’ store also features an annual championship taking place amidst an enthusiastically cheering crowd.

Global Expansion and Market Penetration

The strategic vision of IICombined Co., the parent company of Gentle Monster, has propelled the brand to international acclaim. Currently operating in 68 stores worldwide, with half of its revenue generated from overseas sales, Gentle Monster has solidified its position as a global player in luxury eyewear. The company's plans to open new stores in the Philippines and Malaysia further emphasize its commitment to a broader market. Having conquered key markets such as China, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the UAE, Gentle Monster is eyeing Tokyo, Japan, for its next standalone store, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards global recognition.

Innovative Store Designs and Industry Recognition

Gentle Monster's success is not only attributed to its eyewear but also to its groundbreaking store designs. The incorporation of unique sculptures and architectural features has not only garnered international acclaim but also established the company as an authority in store design. Recognition from industry giants like LVMH and Luxottica underscores the brand's potential for further expansion in North America and Europe.

Future Outlook and Industry Impact

With consistent releases of over 60 new designs each year, Gentle Monster remains at the forefront of eyewear trends. The recent collaboration with Luxottica and LVMH's initial investment in 2017 indicate a trajectory towards deeper international collaboration and potential expansion.


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