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[MR101] Market Research Services in Korea

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Direct Research Korea (DRK) helps you address business issues and develop optimal strategies by identifying market directions and leading growth opportunities. We offer market research services across B2B and B2C industries in South Korea. Reach out to us today to find out more!

1. Market Intelligence: We provide expert market intelligence on any industry or company of your choosing in Korea. We conduct Desk Research, Market Environment Research for Startups and provide targeted internal info on the company of your choosing.

2. Marketing Research: We aid in providing cultural insights and trends of Koreans, consumer usage and attitudes, product and taste tests, efficacy of marketing creatives and communications, especially via marketing mix modeling.

3. Direct Resource: We pride ourselves in holding large databases on various industries in Korea. We provide expo and fair support, market research document translation & validation, and B2B meeting arrangements & coordination.

4. Research Methods: We conduct our research via netnography, online qual-board, online surveys, focus group discussion and IDI, face-to-face /CATI, CLT/Gang, Home visits/shop-along/exit interviews and mystery shopping/service audit.

5. Industry:

B2B: IT, gaming, cloud, Retailers, data security, CRM, Automobile, sales, banking, Insurance, Chemical, Petroleum, Construction, Pharma, Healthcare, Manufacturers

B2C: Entertainment, Movie, Music​, Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion Electronics, New Service Test, UI/UX, Consumer Packaged Goods, Sensory test, Perfume, Coffee

DRK Market Research Service in Korea
Market Research Service in Korea

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