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[MR101, Netnography] How to do it in Korea?

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Thru the pandemic period of 2020, we were not able to meet people face to face. So, it impacts on fieldwork of market research in general. Even before the pandemic, netnography was there in the market research area but it has become now the major methodology of qualitative market research.

We used the most common communication apps in Korea to design own our way to do the projects. I understand there are some good commercial platforms which optimized for market research purpose. However, it does not support the UI in Korean and gives a barrier for the log-in. We believe the better UX can deliver better quality market research outputs. So, we decided to do it with the most widely used communication apps.

Here is how we use it.

KaKao Talk

1) Screening Questions

2) Follow-ups Questions

3) Quick picture & movie sharing


1) DG questions

2) Activity Questions driving insights


1) Screening Questions

2) Quantitative Survey


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