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[MR101] #2 easy marketing research, how to start creating hypothesis and questionaire with GPT

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

You don't know where and how to start a marketing research project.

Start with a AI tool. It will give you a descent guideline, but use the suggested Prompts. It will be helpful.

During the session, I introduced the most common five marketing analysis frames. You can define your own hypothesis as you answer the questions. In the meantime, you can give more information back to GPT to be trained one by one.

Here I used a cosmetic product example, but it can apply to any product and project in the marketing research field. for an easy marketing research, GPT can assist marketing manager to define research objective and hypothesis. Also, it will support to create quantatative quetionaire and inerview discussion guide.

Prompt: I am a marketing manager for a cosmetics company. Recently, my company launched a new product, a collagen patch. At first, it went viral and sales grew, but then sales dropped. I think the reason is that customers aren't repurchasing it. What could be the reason for the lack of repurchases?

Give me some possible reasons based on STEEP(Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental, Political)

Give me some possible reasons based on 3Cs

Give me some possible reasons based on SWOT

Give me some possible reasons based on STPD

Give me some possible reasons based on 4Ps

- Regarding the 4ps, can you create some questionaire for a marketing research purpose?

- Can you develop a discussion guidline for a 60 mins interview?

You can also click the below icon to check more videos on youtube.

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