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[Movie] Movie Growth Hacking two points in Korea

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

We are passing one of the longest summers in our history. After a recent storm, the temperature is cooling down and the fall season is just around the corner. This time, we have asked “what movie wakes your romance? ; good movie for both single and coupled”. Sample size n=20,000. Thanks to Tillion panel for the resource.

Classic becomes the legendary Korean romance movie in 2000s while About time is a western movie appealed to the many Korean in 2010s. The movies have the common elements in timing and destiny. But, there is one cultural difference between the movies. Classic highlights on timely coincidence and main character's fate while About time brings time traveling gift and conative destiny.

What kind of movie can we expect for this fall? Romance movies should not be always said, happy, or mixed, but need to reflect how people want to love like Classic and About time. I can think of ‘consolation’, ‘natural’, ‘not big or heavy’, ‘romance on my way’, 'romance though no money’ keywords for this year.

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