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[Movie] Coupang Play: The New Challenger Disrupting Netflix's Dominance in South Korea?

The Ever-Changing Landscape of OTT Platforms

The OTT market is one of the most fiercely competitive landscapes, with Netflix maintaining its top position. However, because of the market's nature—where users often switch platforms based on content—the future is anything but predictable.

Coupang Play's Rapid Ascent Through Sports Content

Among the contenders, Coupang Play stands out as a potential disruptor. As of August 2023, this emerging platform is hot on the heels of Netflix, especially in terms of Monthly Active Users (MAU). Coupang Play's niche is in sports content, particularly soccer, which has enabled it to capture a significant user base.

August OTT App User Ranking (MAU, in 1,000s)

- Coupang Play: 2nd Place

August OTT App User Ranking (MAU, in 1,000s)
August OTT App User Ranking (MAU, in 1,000s)

Why Viewing Time Matters

However, when it comes to viewing time, Coupang Play lags behind due to its limited range of content types. This raises the question of sustainability and the need for diversification in content to remain competitive.

August OTT App Viewing Time Ranking (in 10 million hrs)

- Coupang Play: 4th Place

August OTT App Viewing Time Ranking (in 10 million hrs)
August OTT App Viewing Time Ranking (in 10 million hrs)

Insights from Persona-based Content Analysis

Recent Persona analysis sheds light on which user groups are targeted by different OTT services based on their content offerings. This differentiation in content focus is something that OTT platforms will have to consider seriously moving forward. It's also worth noting the kinds of Personas that are particularly engaged with specific genres. For instance, while Coupang Play targets soccer enthusiasts, Netflix focuses more on thriller aficionados, constituting 7.5% of their user base.

OTT main genre
OTT main genre


Coupang Play's growth shows promise, but to become a real disruptor, it needs to expand its content range and target Personas. The platform must be agile enough to adapt to changing consumer preferences, market trends, and emerging technologies. Coupang Play has shown incredible growth in a specific genre, but to establish itself as a true disruptor in the OTT market, it must diversify its content and expand its targeted Personas. Only then can it pose a serious challenge to existing giants like Netflix.

Source: Data as of August 2023 from 'mobile index'

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