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Rewind: Top Movie Genres of 2021

We are almost at the end of 2022! And what better way to prepare us for the next year than to take a step back and look at the highlights of 2021? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the movie industry definitely took a hit. But its resurgence was bigger than ever and across various movie genres. Let's take a look at the genres for which most movies were made and released in South Korea.

Movies released
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From the chart above, the drama genre dominated the movie bucket by releasing 76 movies (28.8%). Animation and action genres followed with 48 movies and 38 movies respectively. Comedy, fear, and thriller genres held steady at 4.9% with 13 movie releases. Melo/Romance took the space of 4.5% coverage with 12 movies. Other genres of movies released were Documentary (11 movies), Crime & Mystery (7 movies each), Performance (5 movies), Sci-Fi (5 movies), musical (4 movies), Adventure & Fantasy (3 movies each), Family (2 movies), and Historical & War (1 movie each).

How will the movie genre distribution look in 2022 and beyond? Stay tuned to Direct Research Korea to find out!

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