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What if you order fresh grocery at 11:50pm tonight, but deliver home 7am next day?

COUPANG #1 mobile commerce* makes this dream come true in Korea. COUPANG made their company name through the ‘Rocket delivery’ service like order before the midnight then delivery guarantee next day. Now, they want to move forward and deliver ‘order before the midnight then delivery guarantee before 7am next day.

My wife and I are so obsessed with using the Rocket delivery and Rocket fresh service. However, today we seriously started discussing the amount of the packaging materials. Most of the packages are recyclable, but we cannot avoid feeling guilty on the plastic packaging trashes.

How about in your country? Any better case or idea we reduce packaging materials?

COUPANG #1 mobile commerce* ranked the top as ‘main use app’ for mobile shopping according to the 2nd half mobile shopping report of opensurvey.

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