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[Pet] Unveiling Korea's Largest Veterinarian Panel

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Welcome to a groundbreaking revelation in the world of veterinary care – the largest veterinarians panel in Korea. At Direct Research Korea, we take immense pride in introducing a revolutionary platform that is set to redefine how veterinary services are delivered, accessed, and improved upon. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has culminated in the creation of this extraordinary resource that promises to elevate veterinary care to unparalleled heights.

The Vision and Purpose

At [Your Company Name], our vision is simple yet profound – to bridge the gap between veterinarians, pet owners, and advanced healthcare solutions. With the largest veterinarians panel in Korea, we have harnessed the power of data, technology, and expertise to connect all stakeholders in the world of pet care. Our platform serves as a virtual hub where veterinarians can collaborate, exchange insights, and access the latest research, while pet owners can gain access to a wealth of knowledge and connect with qualified professionals.

Unveiling Unmatched Benefits

Our revolutionary platform is not just a collection of data; it's a dynamic ecosystem designed to provide unmatched benefits to both veterinarians and pet owners.

Comprehensive Knowledge Hub

Access a treasure trove of up-to-date information, research papers, and case studies curated by industry experts. Our platform empowers veterinarians with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and deliver the best possible care to their patients.

Collaborative Network

Forge connections with fellow veterinarians, specialists, and researchers through our interactive networking features. Share insights, seek advice, and engage in meaningful discussions that drive the growth of veterinary expertise.

Enhanced Pet Care

For pet owners, our platform serves as a reliable source of guidance and support. Find answers to common queries, discover preventive care measures, and connect with trusted veterinarians who prioritize your furry friend's well-being.

Revolutionizing Accessibility

One of our primary goals is to ensure that valuable veterinary resources are accessible to all. Our user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it easy for both seasoned professionals and pet owners new to the field to navigate the platform seamlessly.


According to the Korean goveremnt data, total 16,775 Vets are active in their position. However, only 44% including Pet, Farms, and Mixed are in clinics.

Table by Job

Direct Research Korea has more than 300 active samples which is about 5% of the total Pet clinics. It covers the national wise of South Korea.

Here are some addtional data inside.

Gender Distribution

Pet clinics employment status
Pet clinics employment status

Survey participant preference
Survey participant preference

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