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McDonald's is the No. 1 most frequented fast-food restaurant by consumer in South Korea

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Our recent survey conducted in South Korea revealed that the global fast-food chain, McDonald's, is the most frequented fast-food restaurant by South Koreans monthly. In the fast-food ecosystem, Mom's Touch, Burger King, Lotteria, and KFC follow suit respectively. The survey was comprised of 825 respondents with the male and female divisions of 71.5% and 28.5% respectively. More than 50% of the respondents were employed, full-time or part-time.

McDonald's is the No. 1 most frequented fast-food restaurant
McDonald's is the No. 1 most frequented fast-food restaurant

Top 4 Most Frequented Fast Food Restaurants:

1. McDonald's: The American chain franchise opened its first shop in South Korea in 1988. They went on to open their 100th store only seven years later. Today, they operate more than 400 stores across South Korea. In 2021, the franchise logged revenues of 867.9 billion won.

2. Mom's Touch: This 1997 South Korean chicken burger franchise started in Seoul. Today, it has more than 1,300 stores across the nation. It prides itself on giving greater portion sizes than its competitors, similar to how mothers treat their children. In 2018, they opened their first branch in Concord, California. In 2022, the annual operating profit was 40.2 billion won.

3. Burger King: Founded in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1953, the international fast food chain came to South Korea in 1984 and since then has opened more than 400 stores nationwide. Its annual operating profit was 24.8 billion, by 2022.

4. Lotteria: The Japanese-based fast food restaurant dates back to 1972 in Tokyo. It opened its first branch in South Korea in 1979 and since then has expanded to have more than 1,300 stores nationwide. In the last two years, the total operating revenue of Lotteria has dropped by 1.21%.

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