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Case Study: Fitness Market Research by Direct Research Korea

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

This week we present one of our recent market research case studies looking into the fitness attributes and mindsets of the older Gen Z and younger millennials, especially after the impact of COVID-19.

For our client, we helped them understand the role of fitness, attitudes, and inspirations behind the populations' physical activity choices.

The market research encapsulated these findings via the three research phases below:

Phase #1: Digital Diary

We asked our population to maintain a digital diary to gain an in-depth understanding of consumer activity and choices.

Phase #2: In-Depth Interviews

Upon the completion of phase 1, we requested our population to appear for a virtual in-depth interview to gain a deeper understanding of their fitness lifestyles and values.

Phase #3: De-brief & Summary Report

Lastly, we synthesized all of the findings and presented the story of the consumers' lives and interests to our client.

Looking to gain further market research insights into the fitness industry of South Korea - contact Direct Research Korea!

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