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Tweeting Trends: Navigating X in South Korea

In the bustling landscape of digital innovation, South Korea stands out as a leader in social media usage. Fueled by a tech-savvy populace and advanced internet infrastructure, the country boasts an impressive internet penetration rate of 97.6%, with 50.56 million internet users at the beginning of 2023. The proliferation of social media platforms is striking, with 92% of the population actively engaging online, spending an average of 1 hour and 11 minutes daily across the top 5 social media platforms.

Digital Penetration in South Korea

Top Social Media Platforms in South Korea

Among the plethora of platforms, KakaoTalk reigns supreme with a staggering 85.1% user base, followed closely by Instagram at 62.7% and Facebook at 47%. Notably, Twitter captures the attention of 26.9% of South Korea's internet users. While these numbers are compelling, Twitter experienced a slight dip in user engagement after a dramatic acquisition by billionaire Elon Musk in a $44 billion deal. Data from local tracker Mobile Index revealed a decrease in average user time from 45.9 minutes to 43.94 minutes in the four weeks following the acquisition.

Most Used Social Media Platforms in South Korea

X (Twitter) in South Korea: A Journey of User Numbers

Twitter, a platform synonymous with real-time communication, has been a steadfast presence in the South Korean social media landscape. Examining user statistics from 2018 to 2024 provides valuable insights into its trajectory:

- 2018: 8.17 million users

- 2019: 7.02 million users

- 2020: 6.55 million users

- 2021: 6.49 million users

- 2022: 6.43 million users

- 2023: 6.37 million users

- 2024: 6.3 million users

While the numbers display a gradual decline, it's essential to recognize the enduring popularity of Twitter among South Korean users. Despite challenges, the platform continues to serve as a vital space for diverse conversations and interactions. X is mainly used among people with clear political orientations and K-pop fandoms in Korea.


South Korea's social media landscape is vibrant and dynamic, with Twitter holding its ground as a significant player. However, it shall be interesting to notice the impact that its competitor Facebook ‘Threads’ shall bring to the mix. Nevertheless, as the digital realm evolves, Twitter and other platforms will undoubtedly adapt, catering to the ever-changing needs of the South Korean audience. In this interconnected world, social media remains a powerful tool, enabling people to share, connect, and engage, making a profound impact on society, culture, and business in South Korea and beyond.


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