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Why Every TV Show on CJ ENM Is a Must-Watch!

CJ ENM's strategic utilization of both broadcast and OTT platforms exemplifies a modern approach to content distribution that capitalizes on the evolving consumption habits of today's viewers. In a media landscape where the distinction between traditional TV and streaming services is increasingly blurred, CJ ENM has adeptly navigated these changes to bolster its market presence.

OTT channels

Harmonizing Broadcast and OTT Platforms

CJ ENM's integration strategy between TV and OTT platforms is commendable. As noted by Hong Ki-sung, the senior managing director of Media Business at CJ ENM, successful TV shows create a demand for repeated viewing on OTT platforms, establishing a "virtuous cycle of good content." This observation underscores the synergy between initial broadcast success and subsequent OTT viewership, which not only extends the life of the content but also amplifies its reach.

Targeted Content Creation

The focus on demographic-specific programming is another cornerstone of CJ ENM's strategy. By concentrating on the preferences of women in their 30s—a demographic known for its robust engagement with streaming services—CJ ENM has tailored its content and marketing efforts to this audience's tastes. This strategic focus is reflected in the content lineup and promotional activities on popular social media platforms, enhancing viewer engagement and brand loyalty.

Innovative Selection and Promotion Processes

The tvN-OTT Integrated Drama Green Light Committee (GLC) exemplifies CJ ENM's proactive approach to content selection. By incorporating over 70 percent of participants in their 30s into the GLC, CJ ENM ensures that its programming aligns closely with the viewing habits and preferences of its target audience. This targeted selection process is crucial in curating content that resonates strongly with its viewers, thereby optimizing viewer retention and satisfaction.

Exploiting Social Media for Engagement

Utilizing social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, CJ ENM effectively promotes its dramas to a broader audience. This strategy not only enhances visibility but also engages potential viewers through platforms where they spend significant time. The use of content recaps and promotional clips on these platforms serves to generate buzz and anticipation, driving both initial viewership and sustained engagement.

Key Takeaways

CJ ENM's dual-platform strategy highlights the importance of adapting to and preemptively leveraging shifts in media consumption. By effectively integrating TV broadcasts with OTT streaming, targeting specific demographic segments, and innovating in content selection and promotion, CJ ENM not only stays ahead of industry trends but also sets new standards for content delivery. This approach not only ensures sustained engagement across multiple viewer segments but also positions CJ ENM as a forward-thinking leader in the entertainment industry.

The success of this model provides valuable insights for other industry players looking to capitalize on the synergistic potential of combining traditional and digital media strategies.

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