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[Beauty] Gen Z: 2019 Beauty Trend Review in Korea

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

10/20's beauty trends may vary faster than ever before in Korea. Due to the change in their value and media usage. Here are the whys.

Teenagers and twenties are using youtube, facebook, and TV in order as their major media. Social media helps people grow their network in an easy way. They can share their opinion and express emotion via their smartphone any time quick. Also, it helps to learn and feel someone’s experience. We used to learn from books and teachers, but things change. They are replacing with the SNS in many parts.


Teenagers are very keen on the latest beauty trends in Korea. They subscribe to beauty creators in the youtube and share the information daily with their friends. They naturally are exposed to color makeups. Even around 20% of female students apply color makeups when they go school. Unlike 20s and 30s, the teenagers fully got supported by their parents. So, they rather tend to purchase what they want than comparing one thing or another.

Nationwide, the more have days of fine dust warnings the more cause sensitive and trouble skin customers. It naturally makes people pay attention to their skin condition. There is a stat saying 93% of young females think their skin is sensitive. So, we see derma-cosmetic segment is growing in Korea market. The latest beauty trend is that cover minimum like freckles with light foundation and applies it as looking moist. Since the consumer believe their skin is sensitive. They want to have their skin look moister.

When it comes to 20’s, it is the range where consumer actively exercises color make-ups in Korea, without considering others. They spend to explore their own style to find fit make-ups and fashion. That’s why they purchase more color make-ups than 30's and 40's.

Source: google

Plus, they are very smart consumer. They don’t have much budget, so they always see the quality over price. They tend to buy product ingredients rather than its brand. They watch and read product reviews on SNS, while mid-small cosmetic companies invest their marketing resources. So, it drives their purchase as well.

Main editor: JaeYoon Ahn from Korea Now at

Contributor: SeulKi Ji from Evas Cosmetic, Seoul Korea

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