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Can ESG activities strike CPG Brands in Korea?

Starting from December 2020, transparent plastic bottles should be collected separately.

Apartments should follow this rule from December 2020 and detached houses from December 2021. It is part of ESG's activities, and there are more activities rising. For example, PB and low-cost bottled water brands sold in supermarkets have removed their brand labels. And these brands deserve to have an opportunity to position as an ESG brand. Since there are no labels, it is also a great benefit for consumers that they do not need to remove labels when recycling. It means there will be a high chance of losing ‘brand name’ without a label.

It will apply to all labeled beverage bottles as well. Since beverages contain ingredients and calories, it will take some time to remove the label immediately. However, they are also expected to evolve into a minimal label or an easy-to-separate label. In addition, companies that manufacturing shampoo, conditioner, and kitchen detergent have proposed an eco-refill station. Although it has not yet been introduced, their efforts are being made to reduce disposable plastic containers in a practical way.

ESG activities push brans to evolve into an eco-friendly product. Also, it challenges the manufactures in many ways like branding, packaging, communication, etc. The label plays a big role in the industry, during the ESG age, what would replace the label role?

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