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SNS usage behavior in Korea (Q1)

The use of YouTube is a must for today's generation. People are gradually using YouTube in a passive and active manner as they can access various information as well as entertainment elements through YouTube. YouTube is the information platform with the largest increase in utilization compared to last year (67.3% increase) Recently, SNS including YouTube is emerging instead of search portal sites. Among them, the biggest reason why YouTube is in the spotlight is that you can see what you are curious about in detail through videos (4~50s). It is also beneficial that you can check other people's responses through comments and views (10s). YouTube has the most positive information platform, both interesting and beneficial information. In addition to watching videos passively, it also actively uploads its own writings, photos, videos, and comments. (Upload share ('20) 17.4% → ('21) increased by +15.8%P to 33.2%). But it is most recognized that there is a lot of advertising content, and it is increasing gradually, so we need to respond to this.

Generation Z (generation who spent their teenage years since the late 2000s when smartphones began to emerge in earnest), who had been exposed to mobile devices that could be used online since childhood, uses SNS more freely than previous generations.

"Instagram," which continues to be used steadily, is mainly used for sharing photos and videos and exchanging with friends. The most important criterion for following Instagram accounts other than acquaintances was the "field of interest." Therefore, the proportion of following brand accounts or product sales accounts is also increasing. However, this behavior created a flow of advertising posts that made them appear not to be commercials and promotional posts disguised as real reviews. Therefore, Instagram is increasingly recognized as having a lot of advertising content, and it turned out to be the social media with the lowest information reliability. Therefore, it seems necessary to supplement the reliability of information.

Another social media outlet that needs improvement in reliability is “Naver”. Naver is the most commonly used portal for information retrieval (62.7% / 74.8% for information retrieval). It is competitive in the familiarity of use and related search term functions, and has a strong positive perception with 71.7% in the suitability of search results. However, the reliability of search results is lower than Google and Daum, so improvements are needed.

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